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14's Out!

Updated: May 30, 2020

(photo by: Anna Vasalaki

To Football,

The way I found you was funny, I started out by playing madden first and I kind of like it. After that I did some research and found there was a flag football team in the area and the rest was history.

As a WR I always wanted the ball in my hands, and I felt like I was always able to score when I had the ball. Football is very tactical up until that point and then it’s time to have fun and make plays after that. I’m kind of a small guy so I was more of a shifty and quick WR which I felt helped me extend plays after the catch.

(photo by: Anna Vasalaki

I’ve had the opportunity to experience some great moments during my career. The best moment was when we won the junior championship/the promotion game to go in LNA and the semi-final game against Bern in 2018. Also, for me the best part was the relationship with my teammates and the competitive part of the game at practice and during the games. I feel in love with the opportunity to get better day in day out.

For the next chapter of my life I'm going to start the professional firefighter school in September. It has been my dream job since I was 5 and unfortunately, I can't do both and I’m going to miss football like crazy. I am going to miss the good times with the boys, the bus rides, celebrating the wins and the fun times at practice and the grind.

I'm born and raised in Geneva, played at every level in Switzerland and I had the chance to help grow the team during the years and that was the best 11 years of my life. Nothing comes for granted, you must work your ass off to chase what you want to accomplish and it's the same in life. Big thanks to all my teammates, coaches and Pac athlete for all the years and the way they helped me to become the player and the man that I am today.

14's out!

(photo by: Sarah Jaquemet @Sararh_Jaquemet Instagram)

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