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Dear Thonon Les Bains and Panther fans,

(photo by: @mr_flyinggiraffe Instagram)

This is a very unprecedented situation and we are almost through it. Since I found out about the cancellation of our season, I have experienced many different emotions starting with anger, fear, and uncertainty but after thinking deeply about the situation I have found a way to use this time to better myself mentally and physically. I had to change my mindset from looking at things in a negative light to a positive one. It was not an easy process, but I have found that being positive has allowed me to stay sane and continue to grow as a football player and a coach.

(photo by: @mr_flyinggiraffe Instagram)

Throughout the quarantine I have dove headfirst into finding the best possible training methods to do outside of a gym. With a few bands, a small bar, and a little patch of grass I have been able to find new training techniques and exercises that I feel have kept me not only in shape but also kept my mind stimulated. Which in this type of situation I believe is very important.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can often be difficult at first when you are accustomed to a normal daily routine. With the current situation and most people having much more freedom, this is a perfect time to try something new. I started a training certification program which is not much out of my comfort zone, but I am also doing daily French lessons, trying to conquer some simple YO-YO tricks, and even starting a podcast with my girlfriend. Finding new things to try and new ways to challenge yourself can create great habits for when this is all over.

(photo by: Clark Evans Facebook)

I believe that the key for us as a whole to get through this is to find ways to use this time to better understand ourselves and find what really motivates us. I know for myself every time I work out I think about working as hard as I can so that I can get back to practicing with my teammates at a high level, allowing us to continue what we started last year and keep pursuing the goals we set out for ourselves.

Stay strong Thonon, challenge yourselves, find what motivates you, stay safe and healthy, and Go Panthers!

Clark " Le Montagnard" Evans

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