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Dejvion Steward

The Athletes Forum would like to introduce to you Dejvion Steward, keep in mind the J is silent, but don’t worry it’s a common mistake. From the city of Detroit aka The Motor City, Dejvion is no stranger to the international game. He has spent time in multiple different countries playing Defensive back for some of the top teams in all of Europe. Before joining The Athletes Forum Dejvion completed an internship with The Poydum covering American Football in Europe. Dejvion joins the Athletes Forum as a writer and we are excited for him on our team. Welcome!

“I became interested in The Athletes Forum from the first interview I did with Jamal. I instantly gained interest as this platform was a new look for International athletes and the rest of the world. My ultimate goal is to find my personal legend in journalism. I’m excited to bring my skills and ideas to help the Athletes Forum grow to new heights.”

-Dejvion Steward

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