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Game Week w/David McCants

It’s a very exciting time for these players to get back on the field after a whole year of not playing a game. As the days become closer to game day, those “jitterbugs” will come. That ”time to battle” is nearby and these players cannot wait until it gets here! The players are ready to show the fans what they have been working for.

This European League of Football can be special and can open doors for these players and fans in the near future. The opportunity can go beyond and far. This year will be a great foundation of something that is much needed for Europe! But we need everyone including players, fans ,organizations, sponsors etc., to come together and build this new league brick by brick.

The team is excited! They are ready to hit, run and block other players instead of there own teammates, but for the most part, we are focusing on us so we can become a great team and this will happen throughout the season. For the fans you can expect lot of action! We have some great talent in Leipzig to where at any point of the game can be exciting.

As always the goal is to get to the championship, this is why we are playing this game. It will take a lot of hard work, but we must focus on ourselves and build from there.

I am overall pretty excited to begin something new and hoping that this league will grow into a great sport throughout Europe.

To watch these players grow into something special and to keep having fans excited throughout the season will be the most important.

David McCants


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