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IMO: Top 5 Pitchers in the Game

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My mindset is strike one. If I can throw strike one the rest usually will fall into place. Believe it or not striking someone out probably doesn’t have the same feeling that you would imagine. Because unlike hitting a home run when you strike someone out you immediately have another hitter in the box that you are working on getting out. I don’t care if they swing and miss or foul to the catcher or looking. They are all awesome. With that being said here are my Top 5 Pitchers in the Game.

(photo by: @maxscherzer31 Instagram)

#1 Max Scherzer- That guy’s intensity on the mound creates an intimidation factor versus batters. He’s a guy who knows how good he is out there and it’s fun to watch. As a fellow competitor I’ve been drawn to that intensity and when he pitches it’s an event.

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#2 Félix Hernández- At #2 I was a big “King Félix” fan and being a north west kid growing up He has always been so smooth. You know how good he is when he starts to have a little bit of a decline one year in Seattle, but people still show up to the “King’s Court”

(photo by: @claytonkershaw Instagram)

#3 Clayton Kershaw- You would be hard press to not enjoy watching Kershaw pitch. I remember Dodgers played a 15-inning game in Sand Diego on a Thursday. I was a Cincinnati Red at the time, and we had him on Friday. Every single member was burnt and what does Kershaw do, he throws a complete game shut out! Obviously, his pitches are special, but the ability to execute and put the team on his back in second to none. You’d be hard press not to have him your list

(photo by: Jim Rassol USA Today)

#4 Jacob Degrom- He’s Mets royalty. He’s the same guy every 5th day and there is so much to be said to that in baseball. Degrom is elite as a pitcher

(photo by: @kidkeuchy60 Instagram)

#5 Dallas Keuchel- Dallas isn’t going to blow you away with 98, he won’t make you look foolish, but he’s an artist. He’s ability to paint corners is fun to watch. It’s different and impressive his approach batter by batter. Dallas is on the top of his game every 5th day.

In My Opinion Top 5 Pitches in the game.

Dan Straily

IMO is brought to you K.Noah stitched to last

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