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IMO: Top 5 QB's in Europe

(photo by: Timothy Morovick)

Playing QB in Europe is a lot different than in the states. The main reason is because in Europe teams can only have a limited amount of Imports on the field so as an American Import you are counted on a lot more and have a bigger responsibility. Most teams will even bring in a QB to also act as the Offensive Coordinator which adds extra responsibility that you would not have in the states. 

The way that I play the game is by using my legs as a dual threat QB. It adds an extra element to my game that defenses have to prepare for. As far as my approach to the game, I am very intense, and I hate losing more than I like to win. I consider myself a student of the game and I am always trying to watch and learn to grow my knowledge for the game.  

I think all of these guys are great and they have earned my respect not only with their playing ability but, with who they are as a person and a leader. That is why In My Opinion I believe these are the top 5 QBs in Europe. 

(photo by: Casey Therriault @caseytherriault Instagram)

#1 Casey Therriault- He won numerous championships in the GFL and the Euro Bowl while also being his own Offensive Coordinator. That is not an easy task to accomplish while playing at the highest level in Europe. I like the way he approaches the game and carries himself, very business orientated. Casey is never satisfied and always wants more. 

(photo by: Sean Shelton @seanshelton12 Instagram)

 #2 Sean Shelton- He has been dominating in Europe since he got there, and he has an easy argument to go down as the best to ever do it. His resume speaks for itself winning Numerous Austrian Bowls as well as CEFL championships. The game that put Sean in my GOAT conversation was leading his team to a last-minute win against Calanda in the CEFL championship game. Driving 90+ yards in under a minute. Sean has ice in his veins and is a proven winner! 

(photo by: Garret Safron @infinityg8 Instagram)

#3 Garret Safron- Easily one of the best dual threat QB’s we’ve seen in Europe. Now taking his talents to Japan and continued success over there. Garret is very calm, cool and collected. He is never rattled and keeps an even keeled demeanor at all times. Garret is a great leader and is someone that guys love to play for. 

(photo by: Brandon Connette @bcon_7 Instagram)

#4 Brandon Connette- Connette is a proven winner. Having success everywhere he has been. His resume is very impressive as well. Brandon holds the GFL record for most passing touchdowns in a single season. Winning two national championships and an MVP in Finland with the Helsinki Roosters and now most recently, leading the New Yorker Lions to an undefeated championship. He will forever go down as one of the best QB’s in Europe. 

(photo by: Clark Evans @mr_flyinggiraffe Instagram)

#5 Clark Evans- Clark Evans is another proven winner. Winning Championships everywhere he goes and brings a championship demeanor with him. Clark has won championships with the Calanda Broncos and now the Thonon Black Panthers. Evans is a leader and finds a way to get his teammates to play at a higher level, not to mention Clark is a beast with his size and stature. 

Thank you,

Tim Morovick 

IMO is brought to you K.Noah stitched to last

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