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Quick 10 w/ Dejion

Quick 10 is brought to you by K.Noah Teamwear.

During this segment, we chat with members of the locker room for some quick shooters to get to know who they are. In this edition of Quick 10, we chop it up with Dejion Lynch, newly signed DB for the Helsinki Wolverines.

1.#1 thing you like to do off-field for fun?

- I like to hop on madden and 2k whenever I’m not on the field and play with some friends

2. Favorite gameday song? -I don’t have a favorite gameday song but I do have a playlist that includes some of my favorite artist such as Lil Durk, Baby, Kodak, Nipsey Hussle and a couple others

3. If you had to play another professional sport overseas, what would it be?

-I would definitely play soccer. Soccer is huge overseas and also fun to play.

4. 15 minutes of fame or staying behind the scenes?

-I’ll rather stay behind the scenes. I’m a real laid back guy and never really cared about being the center of attention.

5. Game wining Interception or Game winning strip fumble?

- I’m taking the game winning interception every time!

6. Who would play you in a action movie?

-I’ll play Spider-Man because I always wanted to be like Spider-Man as a kid.

7. Most underrated sports movie?

-Most underrated sports movie is Above the Rim with Tupac. That’s definitely a classic

8. Top 3 DB's All-Time?

-Darrell Revis, Ed reed, Deion Sanders

9. Top 3 countries you would want to vist overseas?

-I want to visit France, Switzerland, and Australia.

10. What do you know about Helsinki and what are you looking forward to seeing when you get there?

-I really don’t know much about Helsinki other then it’s gets really cold out there. I’m looking forward to going site seeing and learning more about the culture while I’m out there

One thing I will say to the team and the fan base is that I’m going to do everything I can to help bring that gold medal back home and that the 2021 season will be special!

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