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Warsaw, The New Capital

Man it has been a crazy year for me, the sport, the world and everything in between. To be honest with being forced out of France abruptly and put into circumstances I was in, definitely was not expecting to sign in Europe again. David Ash reached out to me in the middle of the pandemic talking about how much he missed playing and that he needs to get back on the field one last time. So I started sending his film to a handful of teams to see if any had interest and started getting some offers while I was doing that. That’s when it clicked, D1 University of Texas QB that I’ve personally known for a while now and can trust to not be a fool off the field could be a great situation for me. So we started aiming for top teams we thought could win and have a good experience there too; vola, Warsaw Mets. I know it is one of the biggest cities in all of Europe, being from Houston, Tx I love this. I know historically the city and community surrounding has been through a ton of hardships, intrigued to see how the residuals of this plays a role in the modern culture there. Also like everywhere I go, I'll be looking for the best natures spots and cool mountains to climb.

My coaching style varies depending on the level of play I’m coaching, but in the end I want to connect with my players in a way where they know what exactly I am thinking and vice versa. Having this relationship makes players play fast and able to communicate what is happening on the field to me on the sideline, making it easy for me to make adjustments and calls throughout the game. Smart, aggressive, and discipline are how I want my team to play giving 100% effort every play. As for the Polish league I am not too familiar with it in a sense that, I’ve never coached there or anyone from there, but I have watched multiple games and seen the Americans that play in that league. Last year in Aix, my QB (Jason Gains) played for the Warsaw Eagles the season before, but the Eagles will be playing in a separate league, which is a interesting situation. Ultimately, I know, if you want to win in Poland the road will go through Wroclaw where they have one of the best organizations in Europe. The Panthers have a lot on their plate this year with the new league they joined along with defending the championship in Poland; think we are putting the right pieces in place with the Mets to have a new Polish Champion.

With the Eagles out in their own league, the Mets represent the whole metropolitan of Warsaw, and would like the support of everyone throughout the city for our success. The Capital of the Country needs a successful team to reflect it, and I think we can bring back a trophy to showcase to the rest of Poland that Warsaw is back with new colors. Either way, we’re gonna work hard and have fun doing it.

-Jake Hale

(New Head Coach, Warsaw Mets)

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