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You Look Good, You Play Good

Honestly fashion and basketball don't go together, but they also do in a way. I know many players who can care less about fashion or what they hoop in and they are some of the best players I've ever come across, but also I know players who always feel "If you look good, you play good". For example, most people judge how good a player is on how they dress, are their shorts too high, t-shirt too baggy, or do they have the latest J's on, etc., and this is where the stereotype comes into play and I don't like that. On the other hand, fashion is a way of expression for that player. It's important to me that you dress in a way that may give you confidence and be comfortable to you. It's a perfect way to express yourself on the court without using any words.

Fashion is a perfect way of expression. Sometimes it helps me create new friendships because I may compliment someone on their shoes and then it leads to a whole other conversation. Hooping in a new pair of shoes gives me a feeling that is indescribable. It's like your confidence is on a whole other level because #1 you got new shoes, #2 they look good on you, #3 at that moment you tune into your inner Kobe (or whoever your fav player is) and you feel like you can do it all.

My name is Imani and here are my top 3 shoes to hoop in.

#3 PG 3

#2 KD 10

#1 Lebron 10's

My first season overseas got cut short due to corona so im looking forward to getting back on the court. Our current season has been postponed or cancelled so we haven't been able to practice but I'm still in the gym getting back in shape. I had ankle surgery back in August (2020) so I'm looking forward to practicing again with my team and new coach. I am still debating what shoes I wanna rock for this new season as well. I'll be coming into my second season with the Düsseldorf Capitol Bascats in Germany.

This is Imani Dixon coming from Germany, thanks!

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